Sunday, August 24, 2008


To everyone and anyone. I've decided to begin a blog mostly for those of you still located in the western hemisphere aka America (when I left, I swore to never call that country "The States" no matter how isreali I end up getting). My journey can hopefully provide you entertainment and perhaps even inspiration (to blog, not to move).
There's an old saying that goes, "There's an old saying." My knowledge of old sayings is pretty slim, but I thought that would have been an appropriate spot to place one in an letter.
In any event, please feel free to comment at will, I'm going to try to have my friend Will write a few lines when he has the time. As for me, i'm not really interested in what you have to say. This is my blog.

I've heard from old people (they were yelling, everyone within 100 meter could hear) that there are certain monumental moments in a life that define you. If this isn't one of those, i'm blogging for nothing.

My family has packed up all of our belongings, stuffed them in a container and a few duffle bags and sent them to a foreign land. We are confident that one day soon we will get to see those belongings again. I really like my new computer screen.

One last note: I will try my best to keep all units in SI for this post. where necessay for clarity I will provide the unit conversion in parenthesis.

One more last note: I will try to make my entries short enough o actually be read. I know I personally only read the first 2 sentences of any online article before leaving to check my fantasy scores, so i'll have mecry on the rest of you.

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